Composed over a full season working at Canyon Village, Yellowstone National Park.

Sara & Jarrod

In January 2013 our 1981 Midas Freeport, named Saco, rattled over the Cape Cod Canal via the Bourne Bridge and our adventure began. For three months we zig-zagged across the U.S. from Southeastern Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington. In that time we visited a bucket list's worth of places before our return home. It felt like a once in a lifetime trip then, but it wasn't long before we daydreamed about another journey.

Fast forward three years and you'd find us in just the same spot, crossing the Cape Cod Canal, with our eyes westward. This time our home would be a twenty six foot travel trailer named Junior. Since then we've crossed the country four times and used our experience in food service/hospitality to find work on the road. We lived and worked two seasons in Yellowstone National Park which yielded two of the most incredible, awe inspiring, and humbling summers of our lives.

That brings us to now and the ongoing journey that has become our lives. We live in a way that may not be for everyone, but it has shown us just how little we truly need and how rich a life can be when filled with nature, friends, family, and adventure.